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Did you know that when it comes to professional website design and development you can make a green choice?

It’s true! And we at Digital Lion are proud to say that we are a green design company. If you have been searching for environmentally friendly companies you can rest assured that you have found one!

At Digital Lion we take measures to ensure that we are an environmentally friendly, by doing such things as:

  • Maintaining a virtual office staff. Our team of professionals all work from their own home office. We use conference calls and video calls in order to collaborate on projects as if we were in the same office. This saves the energy it would take for each of these employees to commute back and forth each week.
  • We skip the printing. As you may have realized over the years, printing paper wastes a lot of paper. We avoid this and save trees in the process. Our office aims to be as paperless as possible. All of our documents, including invoices and project briefs, are electronic to save paper. Only when one of our clients requests a paper document from us do we dust off the printer and put it to use.
  • We use green power. Our website and email hosting servers are 100 percent green powered. We use advanced techniques to accomplish this and end up saving enough power to save a tree per server every year.
  • We promote environmentally friendly companies. Not only do we support environmental organizations, but we have also created an online badge for those companies who are hosted by our Green Hosting Service. That way, they can let everyone else know they are green, too.

We have made a commitment to being a green design company. If you care about the environment and want to work with an environmentally friendly company, Digital Lion is your choice. Not only do we promote green choices, but we live them!

In addition to all we do to help the planet, our professional website design firm gives 10 percent of all profits to charitable organizations. At Digital Lion, we truly are “Designing a Better World®”.

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