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Online Marketing (SEO/SEM)

Looking for fast and cost-effective online marketing results? Look no further than Digital Lion!

At Digital Lion we can help you with both your short- and long-term online marketing needs. We are experts in both search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO). While they may seem like two of the same thing, they are actually quite different and will produce varied results. Knowing the difference in the two and using each to your advantage can make a big difference in your return on investment.

Here’s what you need to know about both SEM and SEO and how they can help your company:

SEM – Millions of companies pour money into search engine marketing each year, and for good reason. The right pay-per-click campaign can bring your company fast and effective results. Problem is, most companies haphazardly set up some ads, not knowing much about the process, and likely don’t get the return they would like. The bottom line is that if you have the right SEM campaign in place your business will reap the rewards. The professionals here at Digital Lion know what it takes to set up an effective SEM campaign. We know how to bring you the results you want, we know sites, marketing, behaviors, branding, and will get you quality clicks to your site. Our campaigns are advanced, highly targeted, and will provide a good return on investment.

SEO – Just having a Website is not enough. People need to know how to get to your site and without SEO it will prove difficult. It is crucial that your Website have SEO, which means that it has been optimized for people to be able to find you in the search engines. By thinking like your target audience and through analyzing your Website we can hone in on the right keywords to help bring quality, relevant traffic to your site. With the right traffic you will automatically have a higher conversion rate. Without SEO your site is as good as buried in a sea of other sites. The way to make it stand out and come up in search engine results is to make sure that it has the proper SEO in place.

Both of these options together will give your company the competitive advantage it needs. While SEM brings quick and cost effective results, SEO will help over the long haul. When both are applied together your company has a winning combination that will garner quality traffic to your site.

At Digital Lion we have the experience and expertise to provide you with the SEM and SEO services you need and want. Our certified professionals can help target your market, build your brand, and bring you the people who will be converted into customers. While we are headquartered in Calgary, with a second location in Edmonton, we have clients from all around the world.

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